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We appreciate you for visiting this site. We want to thank God for your life and we know beyond reasonable doubt that this site will not leave you the same. Your contact with this website is not by accident, it is a divine arrangement to bless you beyond your widest dream. Please do take your time to go through the pages and allow the anointing of the Holy Ghost to turn your life around for the best. We love you!


A group of newly trained and equipped evangelists during The Edward's Soul Winning ConferenceThe Global School of Evangelist has been created and designed to train, equip and build up Christians to become a fire brand witnesses for Christ all over the world irrespective of color, language and background. It provides Christians worldwide with the expertise of renowned soul-winners like Evangelist Edward. Through the Global School of Evangelist, I will be able to pass on to you what the Lord has entrusted to me in the years of evangelistic experience. The GSE is prayer loaded and God-guided.  READ MORE...


Edward declairing the love of God at a City Wide Gospel crusade

So much have been said concerning the subject of deliverance. But so little has been said or written on how to be delivered. The fact is that deliverance remains the urgent need of the hour and the greatest form of deliverance we need most today is deliverance and freedom from sin. Every problem facing humanity today emanates from sin and disobedience. Let that sink into your heart right away.

Over 75 per cent of the present world population is in spiritual chains, READ MORE...